Olga+jozef - olga+jozef #01

Burchfield's archives reveal his studied fascination with symbolism, which he used to capture the countless emotions, sounds and other invisible elements that spoke to his senses. As he wrote, "An artist must paint not what he sees in nature, but what is there."

Further down the gallery wall, books open to reveal mysteries—experiments of folding, carving, tearing, and piercing. Bajus favors unwanted materials, such as old hardbacks in pristine condition with richly colored bindings. His altered books rest gracefully on a shelf—others are hung to cast shadows on the wall below. The intimacy of scale mirrors the quiet introspective reading experience. In this case, the words on the two-dimensional page are no longer carriers of information. Instead, they function as visual elements in the manipulated multi-dimensional paper sculpture. The interior reading process of thought is transformed into a physical presence of pattern, texture, light, and shadow. Bajus has preserved the original found-book titles as the names for his most recent works—curious titles, such as The Dirty Secrets Club , Heist Society , and The Ruins.

Olga+Jozef - Olga+Jozef #01Olga+Jozef - Olga+Jozef #01Olga+Jozef - Olga+Jozef #01Olga+Jozef - Olga+Jozef #01